Deck Hatches S/S 316
Model : D201 Counter : 6337
Deck Hatches S/S 316
Spec. : Customer's Size Are Acceptable
Information :
CE.Approved Accoding to ISO/DIS 12216 

1,Lowprofile & elegant appearance. 
2,No bolt hole showing,when hatches is closed. 
3,316 stainless steel frames,hatches hatch arms and hinge 
hand Polished and eletric-polished to protect against 
Frames and hatches are made from machine rolled stock 
to ensure strength and low weight. 
4,Posotive easy to operate stainless arms allowing full 180 
degree opening with pull-turn knobs to hold hatch open. 
5,Ajustable injection molded Nylon 66 handles. 
6,Set screw adjustment in each hinge to avoid hinge pins 
coming out . 
7,Tough grade resistant acrylic tops. 
8,Inside opening inside/outside opening and double 
opening available. 
9,Inside/outside models with 100% Stainless Steel snap 
free handle. 
10,Double opening modles with quickly snap-release dogs 
and 100% Stainless fast pins for easy and quick change 
of hinge location. 
11,Gasket are oil resistant Neoprene. 
12,Off-White powder coating are available.